About The Oak W2

Our flour comes from a mill called Bianchi situated on the east coast of Italy. Bianchi only uses ancient Italian wheat that is cultivated from local farmers who don’t use pesticides or any chemical product. This results in a flour that is so natural that some years, they lose 50% of what they plant.


The grain is grounded from an old technique that uses natural stone and very slow movements. Our special mix, that is the result of 15 years of mixing different grains, allows us to ferment the grain for 72 to 120 hours transforming the wheat into a very nutritious dough.


The advantage of using long time fermentation is that it allows bacteria to fully breakdown the carbohydrates and the strong, stretchy gluten. It also releases the healthy minerals in the grain so that our body can easily absorb them.


The result is an incredible, highly digestible, fully nutritious, crispy pizza.